Golden Doubloon Necklace

Our unique necklace design features a heavy realistic golden coin (made of non-allergenic zinc, the same metal found in U.S. pennies). The large coin is about an inch and a quarter in diameter, or the size of an old silver dollar.

  The individual elements, including golden wire from which the skull is suspended, and the ring from which the necklace hangs, are plated in 18K gold. Our necklaces are child-safe, as they will break apart if pulled with more than a few pounds of tension, though will last for generations of regular wear. Ask about large quantity discounts.

Priced at $10.00, plus shipping.


P.o.t.C. Coin Necklace

Based on the popular cursed coin seen in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean films, this necklace is always popular with pirate movie fans.

    Like our other necklace, this one is roughly the size of an older American silver dollar, plus a just little bit more. Made of solid metal, and plated with a realistic-looking golden finish.

      Both of our necklaces are, once again, child-safe, as they are designed to break apart if pulled with more than a few pounds of tension (to prevent accidental choking), though they should last for years of normal wear. We are happy to combing shipping costs.

Priced at $16.00, plus shipping.


Pirate Jewelry Treasures

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